There is a lot to do this month here at HA Trim. Our boys are working hard in the plantations clearing the weeds and handling some of the trees. 
This is a good time to clear the plantations of weeds, willow, gorse and brambles. By doing it by hand it lessens the need for spraying and is environmentally much more preferable. Fighting the weeds is a year round problem. 
The boys will also be 'handling' the trees. This involves cutting the bottom few branches off trees which have been in the plantations for 4 to 5 years, creating a trunk which is needed at Christmas time to fit the many varied stands available. But more importantly it gives good airflow under the trees to make it difficult for aphids and mites to attack. 
Some of the trees which were not harvested last season will be cut out and made into bird sticks. These are used in the plantations during the growing period to give the birds a high perch so they don't break off the soft tops of the trees. 
If that is not enough!!! there is plenty of old fencing which will need to be removed and replaced to make sure it is secure enough to keep the young trees safe from being trampled and eaten by rabbits and deer.  
As we move into March the land will need to be prepared for new planting, we are hoping for some better weather. It is forcast for some more wintry conditions but hopefully that will not last for long. 
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