Finally the transplants arrived and the weather improved ready for planting. 
What a busy month this has turned out to be. Not a minute was wasted as there were thousands of transplants to be put in the ground, coupled with the worry that the weather may not hold, however.....  
This month has been a great month for nice dry conditions and Hans, Paul and the boys have been out on the planting machine from dawn till dusk most days to get everything done. 
To start with Paul was out on the tractor ploughing the plantations to get them ready. 
As the weather got better and better then out came the planting machine. This is a back breaking procedure but I am told it is very satisfying looking back on the lovely straight planted rows of baby trees. I will take their word for it! 
For every tree that is cut and sold at Christmas we plant at least 1 in its place. This year we have aquired more land and we have planted many more trees. 
Some of the other jobs this month have been miles of fencing around our new plantations, as well as any fencing repairs that need doing. There is always lots of tidying and weed control when the weather is like this and one other important job at this time is to make sure there are plenty of bird sticks out as the flushing trees are very delicate and they are very vulnerable to birds snapping off the soft tops of the growing trees. 
On the 12th June we are hosting an open day for Christmas Tree growers at the farm here. Contact the BCTGA for further details.  
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