There are still lots of jobs to be done on the farm even though it seems to have rained for the whole of this year so far. 
Easier said than done! 
H A Trim has been at its present location for almost 15 years. Hans and Julie Alexandersen have developed the business from looking after other peoples trees to the 835,000 trees of their own in the ground today. 
Over the next 12 months we will walk you through a year in the life of a Christmas Tree farm including interviews with the staff involved in this crazy business. 
Planting finished and fencing all up to date. This month has been a great time for completing tasks and looking back at all the beautifully planted rows of transplants. 
Finally the transplants arrived and the weather improved ready for planting. 
Despite us holding our breath for good weather, for Paul to fertilise the trees, there was liitle let up in the conditions. The wet weather has continued on and off, at times being very heavy. However the temperature rose sufficiently so the transplants were able to be lifted out of the ground at the nurseries. 
Because of the unpredictable weather March is a strange month for jobs. There is so much to do but if it is very wet or covered in snow many of the essential jobs will have to wait, so..... 
Photos taken by Jan and John on one of their cycle rides, which took them past some of our more mature trees on Willinghurst Estate.  
There is a lot to do this month here at HA Trim. Our boys are working hard in the plantations clearing the weeds and handling some of the trees. 
January is the month for catching our breath after the very very busy time before Christmas. 
We are now back in the office and almost fully recovered from the HTA National Plant Show last week. As promised I now have pictures and videos of our stand. The show went very well and we were very proud to show our truly British grown trees. 
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